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New Year's Day Auction 2012

The following items did very well at New Year's auction on January 1st, 2012!  It was the largest single day auction we've ever had yet!

Keep checking back to see more of the great
items we've sold at our auctions!



The Jerome Thompson Painting sold for $11,500 (eleven thousand five hundred).

The Tiffany and Co. sterling silver vase weighing nearly 4 pounds sold for $7,500 (seven thousand five hundred).

The Amphora Pottery Elephant Humidor sold for $600 (six hundred).

The large Victorian bookcase w/ 3 doors & three drawers beneath sold for $3,100 (three thousand one hundred).

The phono lamp sold for $700 (seven hundred).

The graphophone w/ aluminum horn sold for $600 (six hundred).

The Tiffany Pottery vase sold for $4,000 (four thousand).

The silver plate centerpiece with wolf sold for $650 (six hundred fifty).

The mahogany claw foot acanthus carved columns Cheval dressing mirror sold for $1,300 (one thousand three hundred).

Shell shaped .800 marked silver bowl sold for $1,600 (one thousand six hundred).

Carnival Glass bowl in Rose Show pattern sold for $400 (four hundred).


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